Open letter 5

This is an open letter to City Council members, Commissioners, Police Departments and community leaders, nationally.


Submitted by Ms. Lilah Shahid, Florida resident.

Greetings all, this letter is regarding; the employees and individuals being managed by Department Homeland Security (DHS) and fbi, within Broward County, (Ft. Lauderdale) Florida.

The purpose of this brief letter is to share information, regarding community safety, in hopes of preventing your local communities from becoming crime ridden, as much of Broward County has become since the arrival of DHS. This letter is written from a private citizen’s perspective.


April 4, 2016


Dear Commissioners and City Council members:   I hope this letter finds you all in good health.

A couple of years ago, I wrote to you all regarding the criminal activity of DHS workers (Broward County, FL); burglaries, theft, break-ins, vandalism and various other crimes committed by DHS workers in the State of Florida, throughout South Florida, specifically my neighborhood in Margate, Florida.


  1. DHS crime and budget cuts
  2. Miami Beach’s former Assistant Police Chief; missing
  3. Brief overview of their criminal “network”


  1. In order to curtail the criminal activity, I recommended budget cuts to DHS local budget for Broward County. Money and resources from DHS was being used by individuals (workers and managed criminals) to commit crimes, for example; rent for dwellings that housed thieves, burglars, vandals, pedophiles and sex offenders in neighborhoods was being paid, using DHS money.


These individuals were not being “reform” as DHS may claim. These were idle criminals (males/transsexuals) who were at home, all day and who had time to plot and engage in predatory, criminal activity throughout local neighborhoods. The majority of these individuals being managed by DHS in Broward County are; immigrant, felonious, and are receiving some type of monthly government check, typically for mental illness. These individuals are receiving these monthly government checks along with reduced rent and free health care.


Also, for some reason, many of these males in this DHS program (criminals [including pedophiles] being managed in neighborhoods) happened to be homosexual and their crimes, sexually oriented.


Today, I am pleased to report that DHS budget for Broward County has been reduced and we look forward to additional, budget cuts within the near future. Any and all investigations conducted continuously on this agency (as well as fbi) locally, is also welcomed.



  1. If I may turn the readers’ attention to a subject that is slightly off the subject but one that is most certainly related; some of you may recall that I also wrote to you all regarding a missing persons case. My dear friend Anthony Marten, Miami Beach’s former Assistant Police Chief (he was also a successful local businessman, married with 2 children) has been missing for the past few years. Because of the nature of Mr. Marten’s profession, he was in frequent contact with local fbi workers (Miami). Certainly, individuals from this agency, (fbi) have information about this crime. In regards to this case, an investigation was opened.


If you are curious about the progress of this case, perhaps you may call DHS or fbi to be connected to the authority who can provide you with status information.


  1. The final reason why I write to you all today, is to share this bit of information; an overview of DHS/fbi local criminal network, I sincerely hope that this information is useful in crime prevention throughout many of your communities.


From information gathered (or given to me) from individuals managed or working for these two agencies; DHS, fbi I have developed a general understanding of how their local crime network works in this area. It should also be noted that their intent is to spread into more communities and states.




department-homeland-security-dhsnetwork3-27-16G  pdf



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You may also find the previous, open letters I sent to your offices at this website. If you already, regularly check in to read my diary, I hope you continue. Coming soon are more pictures and videos of this sunny and beautiful area (Ft. Lauderdale), myself as well granola bars packaged with my dear friend’s namesake.

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Best Regards,

Ms. Lilah Shahid